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  • I have a friend.
    Well, kind of a friend. I'm starting to doubt how much of a friend she really is, because it seems like she's a chronic liar. So how would I really know if she's being truthful about our friendship?
    She lies about EVERYTHING. Okay, well that's not true.
    But she routinely omits HUGE things, or grossly over exaggerates her own prowess, or gets completely lost in her own make-believe world.
    And it's so frustrating.
    I haven't seen her in over a week, and I'm still irritated at her.
    She slept with a friend of ours, and didn't tell me, then proceeded to freak out when he got attached to her, saying "I don't understand why he is so clingy!"
    One week she "confesses it all" and says that he kissed her.
    Months later she finally spills the beans, but only because I told her I knew more was going on.
    She refuses to tell the truth until she's caught in a lie.

    She's obsessed with moving. And it's completely consumed her. She says she's gotten an offer to move to Toronto and be paid 70 grand a year in musical theatre. I want to be happy for her, but really I think she's fabricating some of that so she has a reason to leave.
    When she looks in the mirror, she makes this annoying pucker face that doesn't look anything like her. But she's convinced it's her 'sexy' look. Her 'bedroom eyes'.

    She'll gush about how so-and-so must be into me, but really they just gave me a cursory glance.
    She spent one night telling me I looked 'just like a supermodel' when I'm sorry, but I did not, and will never look 'just like a supermodel'. I looked good that night, but come on. Let's not kid ourselves.
    And that's what it comes down to.

    Kidding ourselves.
    She's perfectly happy to spin this web of lies around her to protect her from the fact that she is disappointed with having a gazillion children way too early and missing out on the life she'd like to live.

    I just don't understand why she thinks she has to pretend to be someone she's not. I'm sure she really is a great person -- I know she is. But I just can't handle her lies anymore. Lies get you nowhere.

    Today, I was driving home from work.  I work in a pretty posh area of the city, so there are a lot of expensive cars in the area.  I glanced in the rear-view mirror of my humble little hatchback and saw a lovely new Volvo behind me.  In this Volvo was a man.  He was digging around in his nose.  He was really going for it.  Then I watched said man eat what he found.  Dear drivers – just because you are in your (expensive) car, you are not in a bubble of invisibility.  I can see you picking your nose and eating your boogers (and delighting in it.)  It is gross.  Just because you think it looks like you are coughing and your finger fell into your mouth, it doesn’t.  I know the truth, because I just watched you insert your finger in your nose, pretend to flick it, examine it and then ingest it.  I see it every day with children that I teach – they do it the exact same way. 


    Sometimes, you gotta dig, but it must be pretty dire to have to do it in your car… and you must simply be starving if you feel that you must then eat it. 

    The ladies who had the board's approval to advertise an in house bake sale did so by slipping strips of paper under everyone's door.

    Today, one of the ladies says that someone complained to her. They don't like paper under their door. She also apologized for breaking rules. She was told not to worry about it; she had permission. (Hard to believe there's a paper rule, in the first place.)

    On the upside, two professional bakers are selling homemade Christmas baked goods this weekend. Great chance to stock up the freezer for the holiday season. And there's no need to go outside.

    City Hall has approved a business
    license that allows foot traffic, although they've been asked to not allow such licenses since it is against the rules. Apparently, the last time the neighbourhood appealed a business license, City Hall requested a retraction because their appeal process was too long and they were ready to reissue the proper license. However, the only way to stop, or change a new license is by appealing. So, talk to person in neighbourhood that applied for license and send letter of appeal to City Hall. Person reapplies and City asks for retraction of appeal. In writing, retract appeal and request, again, that City not let foot traffic on business licenses in this neighbourhood. (Stupid time wasting government red tape)

    On the up side, tonight's annual Christmas party was a success.


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