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  • Two months ago, the board approved the budget. Part of that budget included funds for painting. After much discussion, colours were chosen. Clear directions were given.

    Today, walls were primed and ready to be painted. At tonight's meeting, someone makes the following point: if we use that colour, we'll also have to re-do the elevator walls and door frames. This will result in too big an expense. Painting must stop until we review the colour scheme.

    *sigh* I wonder how long before painting resumes.

    Just because you can legally obtain the information you requested, from the Lands and Titles department, doesn't mean we are obliged to provide it. We will not publish a list. We are a volunteer board. No one wants extra paperwork and paying someone to do it isn't a justifiable expense. Why should every other owner pay to get paperwork you can easily obtain yourself? If you're so worried about "who my neighbours are," invite them over for drinks. Bake them a cake, or something. Yeesh! Go fuck yourself, already, and STOP EMAILING ME!
    There is a woman in our small town that I don't like very much.  She insults the work that I do and she is always going on about how wonderful her and her children are.

    Yet, I cannot bring myself to delete her from my facebook account. 

    I feel like I will offend her if I do.  Then I feel silly that I am so worried about her feelings when it is obvious she cares nothing for mine.

    I have got to stop trying to please people.

    And is it wrong that I kind of like stalking her on facebook to see what she is up to?

    I need a life.
    I had heard in the past that a womans libido peaks around middle age but I never believed it.  I've been sexually active a pretty long time but I had always thought if I never had sex again, I wouldn't miss it.  Well, I miss it... A LOT!
    It is entirely hormonal, I can predict its timing with my menstral cycle, it lasts about TWENTY-ONE DAYS!
    It has become an all consuming day dream, did you ever see that movie "40 Days and 40 Nights" with Josh Hartnett?  I can relate.to his character in that movie.  I can be talking to someone and imagine them having sex with their partner - I would NEVER wish to see that!!!
    I find myself longing for college days when promisucuity was rampant. 
    Is there a place for women like me to... fulfill themselves?  Ugh, I feel creepy just asking the question! 
    Am I becoming a Cougar?
    I had a dream last night that a new friend (we have only known each other for about a year) committed suicide.  It was very vivid and in the dream I was spending a lot of time console her husband and helping him with his daughters. 

    So do I tell my friend about this dream?  Or would that just make me seem like a crazy person?
    I like to make things.  I put a lot of my time and energy into making these things look nice.

    A family member of mine asked me to make something for her (for free, of course).  So I spent a number of hours making it for her and mailed it off.

    She gets it, and doesn't even call to thank me.  I had to call her and find out if it had ever arrived.  Now I wonder if she will ever even use it.

    From here on out if family members want something I make, I think I am going to ask them to buy it first.

    I guess that makes me a bitch, right?
    It's me, girl-who-liked-the-guy-in-the-chair and girl-who-gave-up-on-guy-in-the-chair.
    So funny story.

    Guy-in-the-chair and I now run in the same social circle. Mostly because his cousin is one of my closest friends here.
    So I actually see him on average once a week.

    I ran into him at the local farmer's market this morning. And today, six months after first going gaga over the guy, I gave him my number.
    By total accident.
    And without thinking about it in the least.

    The funny part?

    When I asked him if he had my number he said "no, I don't think I got it after that time we went out for drinks"

    I over-thought it so much at the time, I was so anxious, I couldn't move and wouldn't DARE actually ask him out.
    I'm lame.


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