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  • I have a date tonight :) :) :)

    I *really* like this guy. We've seen each other off and on since August. The past month has been off... I was really hurt he wasn't contacting me. This was the third and longest stretch of me not hearing from him.

    Is my excitement about seeing him a sign of how crazy about him I am? Or is it a sign of how crazy I am to open myself up to be hurt again?

    I work hard on not being hung up on him, even dating other people. Unfortunately those dates end with me missing him.

    We are so comfortable around one another. Humour is not easy for me but I make him laugh and he makes me laugh. We can talk about very serious topics as though we've known each other for years.

    What is most strange is that when I'm having a bad day and we're on, he makes me talk, helps me feel better even though I've tried to push him away. When we're on, he's the best boyfriend ever. When we're off, I get all bent outta shape, takes a few days for me to straighten myself up again - I did it a little quicker this last time then previous times but it was also a much longer period of non-contact.

    Even reflecting on our off times, I cannot restrain my excitement - I am SO looking forward to seeing him tonight :) :) :)

    Yesterday, my husband told me that he gets annoyed when I get home before him and don’t leave the door unlocked for him because that makes it just *that* little bit longer before he can see me… how can I not adore this man??


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