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  • That's unfair. Maybe it's not the amorphous regulatory body that is making me cry, but rather the person who misled my organization into thinking we had certification from the amorphous regulatory body to operate...

    When, in reality, we didn't...

    And which caused said amorphous regulatory body to send us a 'cease and desist' order...

    Which means the new exciting journey I began 4 months ago is for naught...

    And I never should have left my job and life and successful theatre hobby behind...

    So tomorrow I go back to work to work my ass off for another day, in a job that now doesn't mean anything, and hope that these tears will dry themselves up by now. 

    I just can't believe that someone didn't dot all the I's and cross all the T's. You would think that's something that would have been covered. That someone, somewhere along the way people would have ensured the fucking paperwork was done. 

    Everyone has regrets - it's the nature of things, I suppose, that most people don't make it to middle-age without having a few of them. But truly, there's only one thing in my life that I deeply regret, that I wish I could change And that's the fact that I simply don't like the vast majority of my family.
    It took me a long time to admit this truth to myself. I wanted them to be wonderful, to be the kind of family that I could come home to. I wanted them to be loving, educated, straight-forward and kind. And the fact of the matter is that they're none of those things. Many of them are mean-spirited, stupid, manipulative and completely lacking in self-examination. There's not a lot to recommend them, quite frankly, and the better I've gotten to know them, the worse they've become in my eyes.
    There are exceptions, of course, like in any large family. There are a few people to whom I'm related that I genuinely like and would want in my life even if we weren't family. But most of them are just awful, including every member of my birth family. And that makes me sad.

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