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  • I am sick of favours not going both ways.  I don't mind helping others, but I am getting increasingly frustrated because this always seems to be a one way street.  Yet, I never say no because I am afraid of upsetting anyone.  
    Ever go to the doctor cause you have a cough or a rash and you have to wait a few days for your appointment and you don't even realize it's cleared up till you go to show the doctor, or even worse, it returns the next day?

    This happens to me often, with tech support, the mechanic, my doctor - you name it, I've felt like the boy who cried wolf under MANY circumstances!

    Well lately, everything I've needed to demonstrate as being "wrong", I've been able to demonstrate at the right time, to the right person. The outcome has not always been easy to deal with but at least I'm able to ask for the right help and get it.

    It's me again, the middle-aged chick with the libido of a teenaged boy...

    I was reading about herbal remedies today, in the section for sexual aids it described cloves and ginger as sexual stimulants...

    Should I stop drinking Chai tea, stop eating ginger beef and sushi with pickled ginger?

    - OR -

    Should I find myself a man and feed him copious quantities of all three?

    Option two is far more tempting!

    ...about making more money than I ever thought I would? The opportunity to indulge in "just because" gifts for people I care for. For me, there's no better feeling than showing my regard for people in a tangible way, for no other reason than I want to. Perhaps because I had my share of years when simply buying a birthday gift for someone required a major budgetary shift.
    I'm profoundly grateful for my financial security for all the usual reasons, but this? This gives me JOY.

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