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  • Okay, so I’m still not knocked up.  We’re working through it, bought some books, going to the doctor, taking my temperature, etc etc, but what I need help with is… how the HELL do I stop thinking about it?!  It’s all well and good for people to say “Oh, just stop thinking about it and it’ll happen!”  (I also want to kick those people.)  But it’s freakin’ HARD to stop thinking about it.  Please?  Tell me how I can stop obsessing about this – it’s starting to make me really crazy.  I’m genuinely asking for some coping strategies or something that has helped any of you who may have been in a similar position… because I’m out of answers now and I’m tired of crying and being angry about it - but I’m having trouble seeing my way forward through the blur of tears.  In the meantime, I may have a glass of wine (or 3.)  (Have to search for that silver lining.)


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