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  • It has been nearly two years since my Dad passed away.

    I don't spend a lot of time with my extended family or friends parents but when I do, I can't handle the emotions that come over me...

    I left a friends party early when her Dad was the centre of attention.

    My Uncle is here visiting my cousin right now, to the home my Dad lived for many years but my Uncle never made it here when my Dad was alive. I couldn't help but think about my Dad as I gave the tour guide description of the area, imagine the things they would have enjoyed together. I was glad to be wearing my sunglasses and didn't get out when I dropped him off.

    We've never been good at sharing emotions in my family.

    I never want to stop missing my Dad, but I do want to get over being around other Dads and people who remind me of my Dad.

    I’m finally pregnant!  After the tears, advice and trying, trying, trying!  We gave up and it happened!  I’m 12 weeks as of today, so I feel like I can finally tell you guys – I had my 12 week scan today and could actually SEE the baby!  I’m overusing exclamation marks!  Justifiably so!  Yippee!!


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