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  • This week at work, I found myself in a difficult situation.  I witnessed something that was very wrong and very upsetting.  As it was a police matter, I contacted the police, however thankfully (?) the situation did not escalate to the point where their presence was required.

    I consulted with two different officers... what can I do the next time, if this were to happen again.

    I have a plan in place and hopefully, it's the correct plan.  Hopefully, it's what I should do.  

    But I can't help but feeling I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE.  Doing more could have put me in direct harm, but it would have helped others, had the situation escalated.

    I have thought about it so much... what happened, what should I have done.

    After much thought and consultation with friends, colleagues, police, I realized who would know EXACTLY what to do.  The shitty part is that person is gone.  After two years, he is no longer the first person I think of when I need help.  For weeks, months after he died, I came to realize how very much I relied on him.  Questions, thoughts, comments, opinions could always be gained.  And they were amazing opinions/suggestions.  He had such a vast supply of life experiences to draw from and helped so, so, so, so many people.  He was sooo good.

    Give the people you care about and love an extra hug today.  People always say it, but it's true - when they're gone, it will be too late.


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