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  • I had given up online dating for a couple of months but the lonliness
    got the better of me and after browsing local singles and seeing that
    there were new faces I am trying again.

    I am keeping my profile vague and faceless but sending my picture to
    anyone who asks. Conversations are better than last attempt I think
    because I'm less forward about wanting to meet in real life. So then,
    where does that leave me - with more reasons to spend time online with

    Interestingly enough the guy who works in my building was all about
    messaging me when I went back online - until he figured out it's me.
    I asked him in person if he dates a lot of women he meets online cause
    I was surprised he messaged me so quickly, he said no, there is never
    anyone new.... makes me wonder if he is one of those guys who uses it
    as their personal booty call service....

    Wish me luck, apparently - I need it!


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