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    This is our corner of the Internet. We're happy here. We're definitely "we" -- this blog is a group project. We all post as "My Own". This is where we write the things we can't say on our own blogs for one reason or another. We hope you like it here as much as we do. We hope you'll stick around.


  • My uncle is 48, his oldest daughter is 21, she has a daughter (yes, he's a grandpa), I am 36. My uncle's girlfriend is 30. This creeps me out, especially when he wants to talk to me about her being bitchy cause it is "her time of the month". When he first mentioned her attitude to me I thought she was probably pre-menopausal, when I found out she is younger than I am... flabbergasted, no words... glad we're related and I'm not in your pool of fish!

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