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    This is our corner of the Internet. We're happy here. We're definitely "we" -- this blog is a group project. We all post as "My Own". This is where we write the things we can't say on our own blogs for one reason or another. We hope you like it here as much as we do. We hope you'll stick around.


  • One of the worse things about being a pot smoker is that when you happen to buy some weed that doesn't even get you stoned one bit, there's nothing you can do about it.  There aren't any refunds, exchanges or returns.  You're just shit out of luck!
    Sorry to disappoint, folks, but this is the low-down from the guy's cousin. It came after he came back into town after driving all day and randomly showing up at a movie night the cousin and I had planned. It was a pleasant surprise, and I was thrilled to see him, and couldn't let well enough alone. So I pestered cousin as to if this was going anywhere and she responded....

    So I lightly probed to see what he was thinking and he said he does really like you and in that way, but apparently while he was in (insert name of previous town here) he ran into an ex and they are in his words kinda sorta trying to maybe give it another go. He said she lives in (another province, across the country) so he isn't sure what will come of it but he wanted to put a little effort into it before he writes it off. So for the moment that is where he is at, but he didn't sound 100% that it will work. So we shall see. But either way he is totally wanting to be friends with you.

    But I have to tell someone.

    Today… I found a white hair, down there.

    I nearly cried.

    So there have been a lack of updates, because there hasn't been much to update.
    Except for the following:
    - back when the initial posts were written, guy-in-the-chair was feeling out the town (where I live) to see if it was a place he wanted to move to. He decided to move here, and has spent the past 2+ weeks getting stuff from another province and arranging to live here.
    - He's back tomorrow
    - He's been asking his cousin about me
    - I still don't have his number and things have kind of ... gone nowhere since my last post, but I've not been too concerned because he is moving, and I've been busy. But I now regularly stalk him on Facebook, and will harass his cousin (now one of my good friends) to make it happen so I get to see him and work my magic.

    Admittedly, I'm a little bit *less* twitterpated -- but that's really because I've not had much contact with the guy in 3 weeks.
    I'm still hopeful though, just slow :)

    Thanks for your interest!
    Please!  Dear writer who has the hots for the guy in the chair- tell us how it is going!

    I hope you are still twitterpaited and that you have finally gotten the guts enough to call him.

    A very city city-girl moved to town.

    She is upset that recycling is not picked up at her doorstep.

    She left weeks worth of recycling in her house for when her boyfriend flew up to visit her.  She made him return it so he could see how hard it was to live in this remote place.

    I don't think she will last long.

    I am just glad I live in a town that has recycling.
    For some reason, the blogs I read have been talking about abortion more often than usual.

    I'm not totally sure what I think about the issue, but one thing really sticks out for me. I don't get this "rape and incest" exemption people talk about. I really don't get it. If you think abortion is murder, why would it be OK if the woman was raped?

    I think it's because the people who talk about "rape and incest" exemptions secretly believe that women who chose to have sex deserve to be forced to carry pregnancies to term. There is no other possible reason for this sort of exemption. If abortion's OK, it's OK no matter how the woman got pregnant. And if it's wrong, it's still wrong if the person was raped.

    This offends me so much. I never want to hear anyone say it again.


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